Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The drawing of the 3

Eluvial found himself in the mood for a picnic with some friends. He was debating whether he wanted the dwarf to come along but made an error in judgement, caused by the side effects from the night before. They set out to find a nice secluded place in the nearby forest and ran into some unexpected creatures. These huge creatures went by the name of Deedle and Deedle. They were apparently looking for something called a DUM DUM. Why a giant needs a dum dum is beyond the scope of this journal and should be handled by a professional in the field of giant psychology.

After a very nice walk through the magnificent trees in this particular little forest we came to a group of foul goblins, with one in particular catching my attention. It was black and huge, seemingly cursed with some disease or disfigurement. We didn’t wait to ask it what was wrong, our thinking being, kill first and see a doctor later....

After fun was had by all, except for the gobo’s of course, the group of enterprising picnickers met a strange human female. She was a druid and looking for a holy place. Of all the humans, druids are most tolerated by my people, they have a love for the forest and all living things. After a very pleasant meal, and some healing for the dwarf, who by the way grumbled about all of it, we bid them farewell and left to follow a trail we had noticed earlier. After some very confusing tracks, to our shock, we discovered that the druids healer friend was more than she seemed. We raced back to confront them about it and found that the healer was actually a creature of CHAOS !!

Against my better judgement the human and the dwarf convinced me to let the despicable thing live, I put that down to my growing feelings of trust for the party I joined. I relented, and I should not have. The creature escaped and we made our way back to town. I had a lot to think about. Why do I trust these people so much? Why did I let Chaos survive, in a forest of all places? Who can I talk to about this......


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